Last weekend was a special and powerful weekend for my career as a coach.  I had the pleasure to speak with and learn from two experts in their respected fields. Thomas Myers is the author of, Anatomy Trains, which is the text book that I base my a lot of my training philosophy from.  He is the […]

What were you doing December 31st?  I can assume to know: getting the car washed, putting together your babysitter plans, shopping for your outfit, finishing up work before you celebrate bringing in the new year with either friends and or family.  The night is set.  Most of us planned in advance, some weeks ahead, for […]

It has been highly documented that the number 1 fear in America is………glossophobia?  The technical term for, “public speaking” induces all of the human physiological response for ‘flight or fight’ sympathetic nervous system activity.  Sweaty palms, nervousness, anxiety, cotton mouth, stuttering speech, accelerated heart rate are a few of the characteristics that manifest in the […]

What is a Superleader? Dec. 10th, 2013 What do you do and why do you do it?  Money, situation, enjoyment, philanthropy, passion, spiritual?  I’m not trying to get all philosophic  and talk about how people should live their lives.  That’s YOUR life, do what you will with it as long as it is not at […]